SunLounge by Sunspace

The unique SunLounge by Sunspace features a SunWall (acrylic privacy and wind-blocking panels) set into place in a U shape on top of our aluminum decking.

With its flexible design, the entire unit can be picked up, (With the help of a few friends), and moved around your property as needed. Included with every SunLounge comes with a 10-year warranty on both the decking and SunWall system.


  • Maintenance free
  • non-slip aluminum decking - no worry of grass or weeds growing through the gaps in the flooring.
  • Opaque acrylic panels provide privacy, while still allowing sunlight to shine through.

Aluminum decking available in four colors:

  •  Grey
  • Sand
  • Cedar
  • Grey Woodgrain

Aluminum posts come in five colors:

  • White
  • Driftwood
  • Bronze
  • Black
  • Grey
A sturdy, movable privacy porch.