Vinyl Windows & Garage Door System

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WeatherMaster Windows

Available as company installed or a Do It Yourself Kit, our vinyl window system is the perfect fit for an existing porch or roof overhang.

WeatherMaster® vinyl windows are:

  • Durable

Glass may be harder than vinyl but it is also more brittle and breakable. Our vinyl windows provide the flexibility that make them more durable, meaning they are able to withstand extreme weather.

  • Energy Efficient

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), used to make vinyl glazing, has a natural thermal performance. It holds up against the summer heat and resists warping or cracking. In the winter it holds the heat in making it usable even during the cold months. 

  • Low Maintenance

Our vinyl windows require only occasional wiping down to stay in good condition. We recommend using a small amount of Dawn dish soap(original formula) and water, followed by drying with a microfiber cloth. 1-2 times a year we suggest using our vinyl cleaner that takes only a few seconds to use. Because of the unique window system, each panel can be taken out quickly and easily for cleaning.


*Fixed transom windows are also available (windows that do not open or adjust)


***While Sunspace offers vinyl in tinted colors online, Sun Comfort no longer provides or installs tint due to the exposure to the sun which can cause fading of tint over time.***

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Garage Door Systems

The garage horizontal track system is custom made to fit your garage specifications, turning a storage space into a new sunroom.

Our garage door system:

  • Has a bottom track that you can drive over without damaging your vehicle or the window system
  • Has sections that slide behind the other, allowing the garage to be open 75%
  • Is available in screen, polyvinyl, or both