Common Questions

Are vinyl windows puncture proof?

Our vinyl is heavy duty and can withstand many things, but we can't guarantee that it won't ever puncture

Can I, as a homeowner, put up my own sunroom?

In the state of Wisconsin you are not able to build a new standing structure without a contractor's license; you can however update an existing room by adding new windows yourself with our DIY window kits.

Can you build a new deck over an existing deck?

It's possible. However, we must check to see if your existing deck was built based on your community's building codes and if the foundation is frost resistant.

Can sunrooms be free standing?

Sunrooms can be free standing as long as there is something to anchor them to.  This can be a deck or concrete slab. A free standing structure must be 10 feet away from the overhang of the house, fire ratings affect this. 

Do rooms/windows come in different colors?

We offer 5 different colors:







What sizes do the rooms come in?

All rooms are custom and unique based on your needs and your home. 

Does a sunroom have to have a foundation?

In Wisconsin if the sunroom is attached to a home it requires a foundation. But if you are attaching a sunroom to a trailer (which doesn't have foundation) then the sunroom is attached allowing the room to shift with the ground.

How much does a sunroom cost?

Prices vary depending on a number of factors such as location, attachment to the home, height, roof style and other variables. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to have our sales representative come out to your home for a free quote.

What is the difference between vinyl and single pane glass?

Vinyl is lighter, doesn't rattle, has higher r-factor but doesn't count as square footage on your home. Whereas single pane glass is heavier, can rattle, but does add square footage to your home.

Can I install the vinyl windows myself?

Our vinyl windows can be installed by our crew or you can choose to purchase them as a Do It Yourself Kit that you may install.

What sizes do your windows come in?

Our vinyl windows are custom built to fit your new build or existing porch openings. 

The minimum size is:

12" H x 42" W

The maximum size is:

96" H x 144" W 

What types of doors do you use?

Typically we use a cabana door which is generally 2" thick with latch handles for security. The door will also have the same window system as the rest of the sunroom, allowing the room to perfectly match. French doors are also available from sunspace.

What happens if my windows won't move/are too loose?

If vents are difficult to move spray a small amount of furniture polish that contains wax along the inside of the right track (not the sides with the springs).


If vents are not staying up, remove vent and take out the two springs located on left side. Squeeze springs together in order to make a tighter bow which creates more tension. insert back in vent and replace vent in track.

Is there a warranty?

Copies of warranty are given to purchasing customers. 

Below covers warranty in detail:

SunSpace Modular Enclosures Inc., (the manufacturer), guarantees the materials and factory workmanship, the original purchaser, to be of excellent quality as provided in this limited non-prorated warranty.

Sun Comfort Warranty:

Construction/workmanship of units are under warranty by Sun Comfort for one year. Please note caulking is a maintenance issue and covered only for the first 6 months. Service Calls made after the Sun Comfort One Year Warranty has expired will be charged a reasonable fee which may include a trip charge, labor fees and cost of materials (Revised 3/2016)

Laminations and Finishes - Lifetime Warranty:

All expanded polystyrene panel products {walls}  are warranted to be free of blistering, chipping, cracking, peeling or delimitation under normal residential use and service for as long as you own your sunroom.

Insulating Glass Units - 15 Year Warranty:

SunSpace warrants its insulated glass units for fifteen (15) years, from the date of installation, under normal residential use and service, against seal failure resulting in permanent fogging in the space between the glass.

Window & Door Glass Breakage - Lifetime Warranty:

SunSpace warrants its tempered glass units in windows and doors against breakage in residential use for as long as you own your sunroom.

Vinyl Extruded Components (includes decking and railings) - Lifetime Warranty:

SunSpace warrants its vinyl extruded components under normal residential use and service, to be free from peeling, flaking, blistering and corroding for as long as you own your sunroom.  The vinyl extruded components are not warranted against discoloration caused by air pollution, exposure to harmful chemicals (such as insect sprays) or normal weathering (fading) resulting from exposure to the elements.

Hardware and Screen Units - Lifetime Warranty:

SunSpace warrants the materials used for moving parts (door rollers, latches, etc.), and other hardware items and screen units under normal residential use and service for as long as you own your sunroom. (Please note screen repairs are NOT covered under this warranty)

Vinyl Glazed Windows - 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty:

SunSpace warrants the vinyl glazed windows for ten (10) years, from date of installation, under normal residential use and service, against fading and cracking provided the cleaning instructions are followed.

Taking Care of Your Vinyl Window:

WeatherMaster vinyl products should be cleaned at least every six months.  To maintain the vinyl and prolong its life, the use of Sunspace Vinyl cleaner is recommended.  The use of other products containing abrasives, ammonia or other chemical (insecticides) can damage vinyl and will void warranty.

Sun Comfort warranties the vinyl windows for as long as you own the product.

We offer FREE *re-glazing(replacing) on any V4 track windows including parts AND labor. This warranty does not cover damage done to vinyl due to home or commercial insect sprays/ or failure to follow cleaning instructions as directed above.    

*Re-glazing windows at the site/or residence will be assessed a trip charge. By bringing the windows to our store, the trip charge can be avoided.

Our obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repair or replacement of any component part found to be defective within the applicable periods described above. Should repair or replacement of the defective component parts be prohibitively costly, the manufacturer may instead provide a refund of the product purchase price. This warranty does not apply to any product damaged or determined to be defective as a result of improper handling, operation or maintenance.

Limitations of warranty:

SunSpace is not responsible for indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages or losses the consumer may suffer or incur in connection with this product or its use.

Warranty DOES NOT transfer to secondary homeowners. However, we will continue to service products with a cost. 

Claims procedure:

If a warranty claim should become necessary, send the defective part (if practical to do so) or request an inspection by the installation contractor. If found to be defective, a new replacement part will be supplied to you at no charge (freight collect).