Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning your windows is EASY!

We recommend using Dawn© dishwashing liquid soap to clean your vinyl windows. Just dilute liquid Dawn© soap in water (a bit more diluted than used for dishwater) and wash with a soft cloth (do not use paper toweling.) Then rinse the window with clean water and dry with a clean cloth. The inside surface can be cleaned with the windows in place or both sides can be accessed by removing the window. (Shown on opposite side)

* Do not use harsh detergent or formulas containing bleach or ammonia since they will cloud the window and cause it to become brittle.
* Do not use professional pressure cleaners.
* Do not use coarse fabrics or brushes.
* Do not use newspaper to dry.
* Do not apply commercial or other home use insect sprays on vinyl since it causes permanent damage.

If the vents are difficult to move, spray a very small amount of Furniture Polish (that contains wax) on the right side of the window sash (the grooves in which the window slides.) If windows are new, spray enough polish to make a white film. Wipe the excess from the front of the casing. Now, move the windows up and down. Repeat until the windows glide easily.

Spraying in the left side (or deeper grooved side) or using an excess of furniture polish may cause windows to slip from position.

If the window slides from position or seems “loose,” remove the window from the casing. The left side of the window has two springs. These can be removed, squeezed together to create tension, and reinserted into the original position. Doing this should prevent the window from sliding out of position. Always raise and lower the windows using the top and bottom of the window frame.
Do NOT use the middle bar to raise or lower windows!

When fully closing the windows, the easiest way to make sure the vents “lock” into the top track is by placing all 4 vents together. Then lift the 4 vents together, by placing both hands beneath the bottom vent and firmly slamming them upwards into the top of the window track until you hear a “click.” Then grasp the lowest vent and gently pull down so they each “lock” into place. When lowering the windows, slide all the vents towards the top, then grasp the bottom of the topmost vent from behind and pull down. This should “unlock” the top vent and allow it to slide down