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Are Vinyl Windows Puncture Proof

No! But it’s safe… A child breaks glass and you send him or her to the hospital. A child punctures the vinyl you send him or her to their room! A benefit to vinyl puncturing over glass breaking is you can tape the puncture until you are able to bring it in for free replacing. 

Can I, as a homeowner, put up my own sunroom?

That depends. In the state of Wisconsin you are not able to build a new standing structure without a contractor’s license; you can however update an existing room by adding new windows yourself.

Can you build a new deck over an existing deck?

It’s possible. However, we must check to see if your existing deck was built based on your community’s building codes and if the foundation is frost resistant.

Can sunrooms be free standing?

Sunrooms can be free standing as long as there is something to anchor them to.  This can be a deck or concrete slab. A free standing structure must be 10 feet away from the overhang of the house, fire ratings affect this. 

Do Rooms and Windows come with the Availability of Different Colors?

Yes. We offer 5 different colors for room panels, (white, driftwood, bronze, cranberry, & black) and 7 different colors for windows (white, driftwood, bronze, cranberry, black, ivory, and hunter green). This allows you to mix and match to your own personal preference.

Do your sunrooms come in standard sizes?

All rooms are custom and unique based on your family’s individual wants and needs.

Does a sunroom have to have a foundation?

In Wisconsin, if the sunroom is attached to a home it requires a foundation. But if you are attaching a sunroom to a trailer (which doesn’t have foundation) then the sunroom is attached allowing the room to shift with the ground.

How much does a sunroom cost per square foot?

Prices vary depending on a number of factors such as location, attachment to the home, height, roof style and other variables. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to have our sales representative come out to your home for a free quote. 

What is the difference between vinyl and single pane glass?

Vinyl is lighter, doesn’t rattle, has higher r-factor but doesn’t count as square footage on your home. Whereas single pane glass is heaver, can rattle, but does add square footage to your home.

What’s the difference in pricing between a three-season and an all-season room?

Prices vary depending upon the scope of the project. Generally, a three-season room costs about one third less than a four-season room.

What types of doors do you use?

We generally use a cabana door which is generally 2” thick with latch handles for security. The door will also have the same window system as the rest of the sunroom, allowing the room to perfectly match. French doors are also available from sunspace

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